Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ok, my incompetence is now showing time and time again. Tried to show off last night and blog from my mobile. I just didnt happen. Then this afternoon, i wrote a rather lengthy peice about my day...quite amusing in some parts, and realised that it was a new blog. AAARRRGGGHHH! So in my infinate wisdom, copied, deleted and tried to paste....but no paste option! What on earth is going on??

Oh my world.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Still not blogging

Post are few and far between. But hey, no 3 is good for me!

Crochet is the main part of my life right now. Have a few too many projects on the go. Have to give credit to Attick 24 and my friend Emma. I seemed to have developed a passion for a certain colour of wool. Searched for ideas as to what to use this ever growing mountain of wool for. Then Emma suggested an autumn granny stripe blanket. Its very fitting considering the weather we are having.

I find crochet is very satisfying and soothing. It lifts me up. I can settle down into a world of my own and nobody can touch me there. How i long to be in that world a lot of the day. However, the monster and work seems to occupy me too. Having said that, it is possible to crochet if the monster is around....she gets the very important job of holding the ball of wool while cwtchin up next to me. I have yet to crochet a "nanit" to the monsters very high standard.
As per, i have left blogging till the very last minute before i have to get ready to go pick the bigger monsters up.
oh i want my world.....