Wednesday, 12 May 2010

life on the move

Ok, time haselapsed. Have had lots of ideas of what to blog about. But not known how to put it down in words. Still not 100% what this is all about.

Am feeling somewhat overwhelmed recently. Life has gone from incredibly mundane, with lots of opportunity to crochet. To manic. No time to crochet. I passed my driving test nearly two weeks ago, which has opened up a whole new world to me. Mr.B bought me a car for christmas while he was away in the Falklands. Was itching to drive it, but kept talking myself out of doing the test. Well, i did it. Was convinced i failed after clipping a kerb, speeding slightly and being the wrong lane on a major roundabout, but amazingly i passed! with 3 minors.

Now i dont seem to stop, but never seem to actually acheive anything housework wise. How does that work? Talking of which, having a brand spanking new licence means more job opportunities are opening up. Yay. Have waited for this moment for so long.

Fundraising is taking form rather nicely now. I seem to have relaxed a little (maybe too much).

Just reading over what i have just written about not having anytime, yet i think constantly about finding new interests. Over the past few months my mind seems to have sprung into action. Needs to keep busy. But it needs to stick to one idea at a time!!!!