Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have many loves in my life. Some walk on two legs, others have more. The first and foremost, is the man by my side. Mr. B! He is my rock. He can drive me mad sometimes. But mostly he is a great source of comfort, love and humour. He has big strong arms that hold me so tight. I feel so loved and protected. the first time we met, he cwtched me so hard i couldnt breath and could feel my ribs nearly cracking under the pressure. This was then followed by some severe awkwardness (to be expected). However, once we got away from public view, and too the solitude of the Newport Transporter Bridge, everything changed. It was almost as if we had known eachother for a life time. We laughed and put the world to rights. Lots more cwtches involved.

From then on, we have grown together. We have had more than our fair share of problems. But for once in our lives things are settled at last. Perfect? Far from it. But settled.

Oh wow

Check me out! I am now a blogger! This is the start of my blogging life. Usually don't have a problem with finding things to say. However now i am having one of those moments when someone says "say something", and nothing. Zip. Nada.

Hmmm...what now? Have a nose around. see what everyone else writes about? Is that how it works?