Thursday, 14 October 2010

Power of Water.

Life seems to be changing at a scary speed lately. Due to said "life" i have had to take up a night job in a major distribution centre as a kitchen assistant. No a great job. Hours and pay are though. So have o grin and bear it for now. I have only done one shift so far....maybe i am writing it off too soon.

Spent most of today mixed up with housework and relentless job searching. Housework was slightly more successfull than job searching. Am slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe i am ment to stick at this job for some reason. The unierse (or something) is speaking to me. Do i listen or cover my ears and sing very loudly?

Anyway, one of my christmas presents arrived in post today from Mr. B. I am under strict instructions not to shake, rattle or accidentally open it. However, judging by the fact that it flew through the letter box....i can safely assume its not fragile. And there was another clue...the website from wenst it cameth. Its a book (and fingers crossed one that i left very subtle hints for!) So i was window shoppin online (how lazy am i?), and came accross Dr. Emoto. The healing power of water.

Now i had heard of this theory in What the bleep do we know. I am now very intrigued and want to know more. Here is basically how i have come to understand it....

After lots of nerdy tests, Dr. Masarau Emoto has discovered that thoughts can have a dramatic effect of water. And to prove it, Dr. Emoto has captured the evidence through a lense. He photographed newly formed crystals of frozen water samples. He discovered that the crystals show change when a specific thought is directed at the sample. Loving and positive thoughts created brilliant and complex patterns...similar to a snowflake. Whereas negative thoughts formed incomplete patterns, often dull to look at.

How much of our body is made of water? How much of the earth is made up of water? Imagine the effects that we could have on ourselves and the world around us....if we only changed our thoughts.

Will give that theory a go tonight in work! THINK CALM ,PURE AND LOVING THOUGHTS.

Happy thinking bloggers!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ok, my incompetence is now showing time and time again. Tried to show off last night and blog from my mobile. I just didnt happen. Then this afternoon, i wrote a rather lengthy peice about my day...quite amusing in some parts, and realised that it was a new blog. AAARRRGGGHHH! So in my infinate wisdom, copied, deleted and tried to paste....but no paste option! What on earth is going on??

Oh my world.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Still not blogging

Post are few and far between. But hey, no 3 is good for me!

Crochet is the main part of my life right now. Have a few too many projects on the go. Have to give credit to Attick 24 and my friend Emma. I seemed to have developed a passion for a certain colour of wool. Searched for ideas as to what to use this ever growing mountain of wool for. Then Emma suggested an autumn granny stripe blanket. Its very fitting considering the weather we are having.

I find crochet is very satisfying and soothing. It lifts me up. I can settle down into a world of my own and nobody can touch me there. How i long to be in that world a lot of the day. However, the monster and work seems to occupy me too. Having said that, it is possible to crochet if the monster is around....she gets the very important job of holding the ball of wool while cwtchin up next to me. I have yet to crochet a "nanit" to the monsters very high standard.
As per, i have left blogging till the very last minute before i have to get ready to go pick the bigger monsters up.
oh i want my world.....

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

life on the move

Ok, time haselapsed. Have had lots of ideas of what to blog about. But not known how to put it down in words. Still not 100% what this is all about.

Am feeling somewhat overwhelmed recently. Life has gone from incredibly mundane, with lots of opportunity to crochet. To manic. No time to crochet. I passed my driving test nearly two weeks ago, which has opened up a whole new world to me. Mr.B bought me a car for christmas while he was away in the Falklands. Was itching to drive it, but kept talking myself out of doing the test. Well, i did it. Was convinced i failed after clipping a kerb, speeding slightly and being the wrong lane on a major roundabout, but amazingly i passed! with 3 minors.

Now i dont seem to stop, but never seem to actually acheive anything housework wise. How does that work? Talking of which, having a brand spanking new licence means more job opportunities are opening up. Yay. Have waited for this moment for so long.

Fundraising is taking form rather nicely now. I seem to have relaxed a little (maybe too much).

Just reading over what i have just written about not having anytime, yet i think constantly about finding new interests. Over the past few months my mind seems to have sprung into action. Needs to keep busy. But it needs to stick to one idea at a time!!!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I have many loves in my life. Some walk on two legs, others have more. The first and foremost, is the man by my side. Mr. B! He is my rock. He can drive me mad sometimes. But mostly he is a great source of comfort, love and humour. He has big strong arms that hold me so tight. I feel so loved and protected. the first time we met, he cwtched me so hard i couldnt breath and could feel my ribs nearly cracking under the pressure. This was then followed by some severe awkwardness (to be expected). However, once we got away from public view, and too the solitude of the Newport Transporter Bridge, everything changed. It was almost as if we had known eachother for a life time. We laughed and put the world to rights. Lots more cwtches involved.

From then on, we have grown together. We have had more than our fair share of problems. But for once in our lives things are settled at last. Perfect? Far from it. But settled.

Oh wow

Check me out! I am now a blogger! This is the start of my blogging life. Usually don't have a problem with finding things to say. However now i am having one of those moments when someone says "say something", and nothing. Zip. Nada.

Hmmm...what now? Have a nose around. see what everyone else writes about? Is that how it works?